Product innovation

and family traditions

A unique process adapted to the production of ready-to-eat chestnuts, tomatoes, olives, and legumes

impianto produzione di italcastagne

Thanks to specific heating treatments and a very innovative production process, all our products are liquid free and shelf-stable, without adding any preservative.

At Italcastagne all the different raw materials are subjected to specific manufacturing processes such as drying, rehydration, baking, pasteurization, and sterilization. All of them aim to make our products a perfect combination of quality and delicious taste.

We chose to pack all our products in handy stand-up pouches in order to allow consumers to enjoy our snacks right out of the bag or to use them as ingredients for their recipes.

Our packaging offers supreme protection against light, gases and moisture that degrade the food and result in it being spoiled – thus lengthening product life and reducing food waste.

Italcastagne is more than ever willing to strengthen their commitment on research and development so to create new mixes, by using only the highest-quality raw materials and ingredients, such as soft sundried tomatoes with oregano, soft chestnuts with cinnamon and pitted olives with chilli. 

Furthermore, we put all our effort into looking for a more sustainable packaging in order to become a reference point for the entire eco-friendly industry.

Our company has been supplying the biggest European large-scale retailers over the past 10 years, but since 2015 we have been specializing in distributing our ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables also to different food service sectors.

It is our mission to allow consumers to snack wherever they are without giving up on healthy eating habits and to strengthen our presence on the European market by continuing to innovate the ready-to-eat food industry.

The importance

of food safety certifications

to work with the large-scale retailers.

Obtained thanks to our constant commitment, in order to offer our clients a highly qualified service.