Since 2008, year of establishment of Italcastagne, attention to detail and passion for our work allow our company to offer a full range of services to support our clients through every stage of the finished product realization. Private label has always been the strength of our company, which operates in more than 20 countries, marketing several different products under the most important large-scale retailers’ private labels.

Customize your recipes

Our team of experts is constantly looking for new ingredients, it is strongly committed to testing new product combinations and to adapt any recipe in order to meet our clients most demanding meets.

Olives with lemon and rosemary

Sun-dried cherry tomatoes with chilli

Sun-dried tomatoes with oregano

Chestnuts with cinnamon

Customize your packaging


Thanks to the close collaboration we have in the design phase with an important graphic design agency and the largest flexible packaging manufacturers of the country, our company offers a 360-degree service through every step of the primary packaging realization. Fully customizable in terms of design and size, our pouches are suitable for direct contact with foodstuff and ensure all our products have a long shelf-life.